Advantages of working with a recruiter

Working with a recruiter can make it much easier to find a job. In this tough economy, it’s important for job seekers to know what all of their options are. Registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical technicians can all have a better chance of finding work by going through a firm like Desert Medical Careers.

Using a recruiter is an ideal way for candidates who are already working to obtain a new position. Doctors and private practices trust Desert Medical Careers to find them qualified candidates which fit their exact needs. Within the medical field, open jobs often require certain highly specific skills. Desert Medical Careers helps doctors to fill those needs with people who are looking for work.

Physicians like to work with recruiters because it gives them access to an experienced pool of candidates who have already been pre-screened for employment qualifications. Desert Medical Careers runs background checks and conducts drug screenings on all of its candidates. We require all of our candidates to meet with us face to face before sending them out on interviews, so doctors and private practices know that when they meet one of our candidates they can expect a high level of quality.

Many of the best jobs are not posted to sites like or CareerBuilder as physicians and their staffs don’t want to be inundated with resumes. Desert Medical Careers knows where those positions are as they have been in business in the Valley for 17 years now.

Because of the relationships we have with employers in the Phoenix area, we know what a successful candidate for different jobs looks like and how to help job seekers negotiate better salary packages. That inside knowledge is the value that Desert Medical Careers can provide a potential job seeker.

If you would like to be placed in a healthcare job within the United States, please fill out the form below or call us at 602-468-6300.

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