Employment Search Tips From DMC

Thinking about making your next move?

If so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Be prepared and use all the resources you can:

Don’t rely on just one source.  Use all the tools at your disposal from job sites like Careers Builder, Indeed.com, and Monster to professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition do not forget to work with one or even several professional staffing agencies that specialize in your particular sector of employment. There is seldom if ever a charge and agencies will have opportunities many times that are not listed on the internet anywhere.

2. References
Plan ahead and get your references in order, before you need them. It will save time scrambling to put together a reference list at the last minute.

3. Review that resume
Once you’ve made the decision to move on, make sure you have a polished and professional resume that up to date.  If need be ask a professional to review your resume. In most cases staffing agencies will do this at no charge.

4. Interviewing and how to address leaving a difficult situation.  

When you start interviewing, the question about why you are leaving your current job will come up. Do not say anything about the “difficult person or work environment” issue you have been dealing with, because the employer has no way of knowing who was difficult. Anything you say that is negative may reflect on you and might start the interviewer wondering whether you will be a problem employee.  Instead, talk about how you want to advance your career and how your options are limited at your current job.

5. Interview the interviewer.

You will also want to carefully interview your future employer to make sure the company, position, and the corporate atmosphere are a good fit. The last thing you want to have happen is to go from the frying pan into the fire, so, be very certain that this is a match. Have a list of interview questions ready to ask the interviewer and take the time to make a careful and thorough decision before accepting an offer.

6. How to Resign

Always resign as diplomatically and as gracefully as possible. Give a minimum of 2-weeks or longer depending on industry standards.

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