Five Ways to Celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Week

medical-assistants-week-620wThe third full week of October is Medical Assistants Recognition Week throughout the nation, and in honor of this tradition we thought we’d share five ways to celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MARweek) with your medical assistants for all they do to keep your health care practice and patients happy and cared for.


  1. Provide Valuable Continuing Education Courses During MARweek

    Offer special education events that help your medical assistants serve their community better and give them continuing education credits.

    In years past, Rasmussen College offered training during MarWeek from a non-profit, Advocate’s Healthcare Childhood Trauma and Treatment Program, to provide medical assistants with training designed to arm participants with tools to help children in sexual abuse situations.

    Read More at their website.

  2. Raise Awareness of the Medical Assistant Profession

    Invite the media to your Medical Assistants Recognition Week event. Hold demonstrations of what medical assistants actually do on a daily basis. MedTech, a medical education facility in Indiana and Kentucky, held a MARTweek event where they challenged journalists to assist with medical assistant tasks performed on mannequins.

    Read more at their website.

  3. Offer Free Medical Screenings to the Public

    During MARweek, Belmont College based in Ohio has had their second-year medical assistant students offer free blood pressure screenings for their faculty and their students.

    Read more at their website

  4. Conduct a Special Recognition Dinner or Luncheon

    Honor your medical assistants with special recognition for each member of your staff during a luncheon or dinner just for them. Make time to acknowledge the best traits of each medical assistant during the event.

  5. Involve Your Medical Assistant Staff in a Community Outreach Program During MARweek

    Medical Assistants are the glue to most health care facilities and practices. Give them the opportunity to engage with their community in a meaningful way while getting compensated, such as volunteering medical screenings at a nearby shelter or volunteering at a blood drive for the American Red Cross.

    Read about hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross

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