Healthcare Employment Opportunities are on the Rise in AZ During the Snowbird Season

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It’s officially fall and this means that our AZ snowbird population is about to rise as it does each year. The snowbirds, retirees who live in colder climates, typically arrive starting in October and leave AZ beginning in the middle of April so they can return to their homes for milder summers.

The annual snowbird season brings with it lots of benefits, one of which is a boost in the demand for medical services to support the approximate 400,000-person increase in population. This boost means a higher rate of healthcare employment openings. The increase in fall healthcare job openings usually starts a little ahead of the snowbird season and continues until mid to late March.

Healthcare job demand is continuing to rise nationwide, year by year, and at Desert Medical Careers, we staff for all healthcare positions.

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The highest increase in healthcare job placement during the snowbird season is usually with healthcare facilities and emergency service providers; especially positions such as physicians and registered nurses. While statistical data is difficult to locate on this subject, it is likely that this trend is due to snowbirds not needing the more standard, private healthcare as much while visiting because they receive their yearly checkups in their home state. This is likely because the snowbirds have established care with healthcare providers in their home state years prior to becoming a snowbird and because their healthcare insurance is easier to use in their home state than in their snowbird destination state. Additionally, some HMOs will only cover medical bills outside of their service areas when it is an emergency service. Many snowbirds will do their best to get their prescriptions filled and yearly checkups completed just before heading to AZ for the season so there’s less standard medical care to deal with while living in AZ for the winter season; even though this is true, there is still a significant increase in healthcare job demand during the snowbird season in AZ, which makes this time of year an excellent time to change your healthcare job or acquire your first healthcare job.

The healthcare area least affected by the seasonal snowbird population increase is the home health segment. Again, while we don’t have hard data to backup why this is true, we suspect it is likely that those needing home healthcare are less likely to do seasonal snowbird traveling.

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If you would like to be placed in a healthcare job within the United States, contact Desert Medical Careers at (602) 468-6300.