Healthcare field continues to be a source of job growth

Are you looking for jobs in the healthcare industry?  Phoenix, Arizona may not be a bad place to look.  According to Business Insider, “the city continues to have a booming healthcare market”.  Arizona has long been a popular destination for retirees looking for a hot, dry climate and a low cost of living.  This means that its large cities, particularly the Phoenix metro area, have a large amount of health care jobs to take care of this aging population.

There continues to be a high level of growth in many Arizona healthcare jobs, with some fields even experiencing double-digit percentage increases in employment.  More importantly, the jobs that are available span a wide range of incomes.  There are entry level healthcare jobs in Phoenix, as well as higher-wage positions for RN’s and nurse practitioners in clinics and hospitals throughout the Valley.

U.S. News & World Report has given top ratings to over a dozen hospitals in the Phoenix metro area.  Whether you live in Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, or Mesa, there is a great facility nearby with quality healthcare jobs.  Recognizable names like Mayo Clinic and Banner Health operate hospitals in the Phoenix, AZ area.

There’s no more obvious proof of the boom in medical careers in Arizona than the hundreds of recent posts on Craigslist.  But don’t rely on those listings to get the job and salary you deserve – contact a representative at Desert Medical Careers today to find a quality position in a medical practice or outpatient surgical center today.

Desert Medical Careers is a healthcare staffing agency that has been helping people searching for work in Arizona find medical employment opportunities for over 15 years.  There are currently many opportunities for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants.  Even if you are looking for medical billing and coding jobs in AZ, Desert Medical Careers can be a good place to conduct your job search.

If you would like to be placed in a healthcare job within the United States, please fill out the form below or call us at 602-468-6300.

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