How to Start a Career as a Medical Office Manager

The Health Care industry is constantly growing as populations increase, leading to an influx of jobs. In the Phoenix, Arizona area alone, there has been a growing need for physicians and non-clinical employees.

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However, one non-clinical job that has seen a rise in the current years is that of a Medical Office Manager. ¬†Although they do not provide direct patient care, these individuals are crucial for a smooth operating practice and efficient staff. If you’re interested in a managerial position in the healthcare industry, the Medical Office Manager could be the role for you. There is software for office managers that you can use to help with maintaining and managing an office.

In this article, we’ll briefly go over what it takes to become a Medical Office Manager, what the job outlook is for this career, and how to find positions in this field.

What is a Medical Office Manager?

A Medical Office Manager–sometimes referred to as Medical Practice Manager or Medical Practice Administrator– is the main component for a well-functioning medical office. These individuals supervise staff and all other aspects of the medical office to ensure that operations run smoothly. Since there are numerous services in the healthcare field, the Medical Practice Manager could work in a multitude of office settings like a physician’s office, nursing home, or hospital. The levels of involvement can range depending on the size of the facility, number of employees, and patients that go through the practice.

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Job Requirements

Like other managerial roles, the Medical Office Manager hires, trains, and supervises employees and ensures that everyone works well together. However, Medical Practice Managers also have the unique responsibility of ensuring that the office adheres to healthcare and legal regulations. Additionally, they are also responsible for financial reports and managing the patient schedule. Of course, depending on the job description of the medical office, the managerial role could involve different tasks.

Education Expectations

Medical Practice Managers need at least five years of experience working in a medical office matched with at least two years in a managerial position. Likewise, this, of course, involves a need for a Business Degree with a focus in health care topics. This could include a degree in:

  • Business Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Accounting
  • Medical Office Management

In Phoenix, numerous colleges offer Associate and Bachelor degrees in Business and Health Care Management that will translate well when managing a medical office.

University of Phoenix

Phoenix College (MCC)

The University of Phoenix

Gateway Community College

Skill Requirements

Complementing a degree with soft skills is also essential for those looking at a managerial career in medicine. Strong communication (both written and oral), interpersonal, and problem-solving skills will assist when supervising staff and dissolving any conflicts that may occur. Medical Office Managers also need to have strong analytical skills and focus because financial reports and patient schedules need to be accurate and adhere to health care regulations.

Managing an office in the medical industry can be stressful, so Medical Practice Administrators should have stress management tactics that they follow to maintain a healthy office workflow. Organizational skills are also needed to efficiently handle the most important task of a Medical Office Manager: keeping the office organized!

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Job Outlook and Salary Expectations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical and Health Services Manager roles have a 20% growth expectancy with around 352,200 jobs added to the economy in 2016.  

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Medical and Health Services Managers, on the Internet at (visited February 06, 2019).

Arizona is a state where substantial growth is being experienced, with new Medical Office Manager positions being added to the job market regularly. According to research conducted by Indeed for Medical Office Manager Salaries, over 2,000 results displayed with the smallest salary being $50,000/year and the highest around $84,000/year. Of course, the Salary of a Medical Practice Manager ranges depending on location and level of experience. Health Care Managers in Phoenix, Arizona can expect a median salary of about $65,000 a year.

How To Land Your First Interview?

The best way to learn about Medical Practice Administrator and Office Manager roles is to connect with a qualified source to link you to the right organizations. At Desert Medical Careers, we’re typically able to place individuals in full-time and part-time positions throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. With over 20 years’ experience placing healthcare employees throughout the Valley, DMC is an expert at matching healthcare workers with their ideal work environment. Contact DMC today at (602) 468-6300.