Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Medical assistant interview

Are you looking for a job as a medical assistant? If so, we’re here to help. We’re Desert Medical Careers. We have over 20 years experience as a medical staffing agency and we’ve found that those who have practiced interview questions in advance do far better during their job hunt. Below, we’ve provided you with a list of common medical assistant interview questions and advice for how to answer them.

Tell me about yourself.

It’s easy to make the mistake of giving too many personal details here. Rather than telling the interviewer your whole life story, focus on your experience, professional skills, and personality traits that set you apart from the rest of the potential candidates.

Tell me about your previous work experience as a medical assistant.

If you have worked as a medical assistant before, simply tell the interviewer how many years you worked at each place. Be sure to include any promotions or recognitions you received.

If you are a recent graduate, describe your education program and how long you served in your externship as well as any other relevant volunteer experience. Emphasize any experience you have interacting with patients and assure the interviewer that you are completely comfortable working with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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What are your strengths?

Here is your opportunity to showcase the unique skills you bring to the table. Try not to brag, but share about the clinical skills you feel most confident in as well as any interpersonal strengths that make you a valuable asset.

What are your weaknesses?

This can be a tricky question because you need to be honest, but you don’t want to jeopardize your chance of getting hired. Keep your answer positive by focusing on an area you would like to improve. offers the following two helpful examples:

“I have excellent computer skills and am proficient in word processing and Excel. However, I’ve not fully mastered Microsoft PowerPoint yet and am eager to do so.”

“I am fully trained in all clinical areas of caring for pediatrics, such as giving correct immunizations, taking vital signs and administering medications; however, I’d really like the ability to perform venipuncture on children to better my skill.”


Tell me about a challenging situation with a patient and describe how you handled it.

The key to answering this question is preparation. Have a story ready about a difficult experience you have had with a patient. Be truthful and focus on how you were able to diffuse the situation with professionalism and compassion.

How do you protect the rights and confidentiality of patients?

This is where you demonstrate your knowledge of HIPAA. Your answer here is very important because a lack of understanding of HIPAA could lead to lawsuits. If you are at all unsure, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of HIPAA regulations before your interview. Here is an example response:

“I protect the confidentiality of my patients using the guidelines stated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). For example, I make sure that patient interviews are conducted in private. Also, I guarantee that medical records stay safely locked away from unauthorized individuals. Lastly, I use only secure routes when sending patient information.”


If you would like to be placed in a medical assistant job within the United States, contact Desert Medical Careers at (602) 468-6300.

Additional questions commonly asked during a medical assistant interview:

  • What do you think is your main duty as a medical assistant?
  • What have you done at your current/last company to increase revenues, reduce costs or save time?
  • How do you work toward becoming better as a medical assistant?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years (professionally)?
  • What type of work schedule are you looking for?
  • What makes you the best candidate for this position?
  • What computer skills do you have?

Are You Looking for a job as a Medical Assistant?

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