New Grad Nursing Jobs Advice

New Grad NurseIt is safe to say that a new grad in any field will face challenges in finding their first job. In nursing, this is especially true because nursing means caring for humans; the stakes are high and without a track record there is a lot to prove in order to gain the trust of a new employer. Additionally, a new hire means investing in training and if you are a new nursing grad, you will require more training than an experienced nurse.

The Good News for New Grad Nursing Jobs

While you may have a lot to prove to a potential employer, you will have an ever-increasing amount of nursing jobs available.  This is what the American Association of Colleges of Nursing has to say about the projection of job growth for nursing positions:

“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nursing is the top occupation in terms of the largest job growth from 2008 – 2018. Government analysts project that more than 581,500 new RN jobs will be created through 2018. Other projections indicate that by 2025, the U.S. nursing shortage will grow to more than 260,000 registered nurses. Even as health care continues to shift beyond the hospital to more community-based primary care and other outpatient sites, federal projections say the rising complexity of acute care will see demand for RNs in hospitals climb by 36 percent by 2020.”

Additionally, the Rasmussen College lists Arizona as a high-risk state for a massive nursing shortage by the year 2030. This is, in part, due to a 65% estimated population growth.

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Be Open to New Locations

Even though there is projected growth in nursing jobs coming down the pipeline, sometimes there might appear to be a shortage of nursing jobs in your immediate area.

Desert Medical Careers helps experienced nurses as well as new nursing graduates find jobs in Arizona. We know that some areas in Arizona are more saturated with less job availability than others. If you are a new grad looking for your first nursing job, we will always try to place you in your desired location, but we are very connected throughout all of Arizona, so if you can work anywhere, we might be able to place you more easily in an area that has higher demands for nursing jobs.

An outlying area in Arizona doesn’t necessarily mean low pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest annual mean wage of Registered Nurses in Arizona in 2013 was $61,480 in the southeastern region, which is considered a nonmetropolitan area.  The highest area is $73,050, which is for the Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale area. A very interesting statistic is that Yuma, which is pretty rural, has a comparable annual mean wage to the Phoenix Metro area of $72,050, so staying open to expanding your geographic reach could definitely increase your odds of getting a well-paying first nursing job even if that job is in a nonmetropolitan area.

Internships Work

If you are a new grad looking for a nursing job, be open to internships. Internships frequently lead to job offers. It’s tried and true and still works today. If you live in Arizona and want some guidance on finding an internship, contact us at (602) 468-6300.

Volunteering Creates Personal Connections

Much like interning, volunteering can lead to connections within your hospital of interest that could lead to internships or to a job. People like to work with people they know and trust. Volunteering will introduce you to hospital staff and it will educate you on how the staff works together; this exposure and knowledge will help you in future interviews at that hospital.

Additionally, remember your resume is super important at this and all stages of your nursing career. Be sure to check out the advice we gave last month. It has lots of valuable tips for writing the perfect nursing resume.

We know the road to a new grad nursing job can be a bit challenging at times, but hang in there! We, at Desert Medical Careers, are here to help you navigate the path to that perfect job for you, so be sure to give us a call at (602) 468-6300.