The Benefits of Pharmacy Techs & Clerk Jobs and How to Get Started

If you enjoy helping customers in a fast-paced environment and are interested in working in the medical field, then becoming a pharmacy tech or clerk might be the right fit for you. Pharmacy techs and clerks also do not have as many requirements or years of experience required, like many other positions in the medical field. To be a pharmacy clerk or technician, you should enjoy working with a variety of people and have the patience for multitasking and solving complex issues dealing with insurance companies. Check out the rest of our article to learn more about becoming a pharmacy clerk or tech.

What do Pharmacy Techs & Clerks Do

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Pharmacy clerks and technicians have many options regarding what type of pharmacy they want to work in, including retail, compound, or hospital pharmacies. There is some overlap with each position, both work with customers, but clerks cannot fill prescriptions. A pharmacy clerk handles most of the clerical duties in a pharmacy, answering phones, processing payments, and assisting customers. Pharmacy clerks can assist customers in the usage of non-prescription medicines as well as stocking inventories and recording shipments, but cannot fill or advise on prescriptions.

Pharmacy technicians work closely together with the pharmacist under their supervision. They have a similar role to that of a pharmacy clerk but can fill prescriptions. Pharmacy techs also interact with customers, helping out on the cash register, and assisting patients with insurance forms.

Job Requirements/Certifications

Pharmacy clerks do not require any formal training or certification and can enter the field with just a high school diploma. Pharmacy technicians often undergo one to two years of training, and some states and employers require techs to pass a certification exam or complete statewide registration. Having an associate’s degree is not required for pharmacy techs, but can raise your value as a candidate.


Being warm, compassionate, and understanding are good traits to have as a pharmacy tech or clerk who deals closely with customers. You’ll need to have a strong ability to multitask in a busy environment, work under deadlines, have a grasp of basic mathematics for taking inventory and ringing up customers, as well as being detail-oriented to ensure customers receive the correct prescriptions and answer insurance questions as a pharmacy tech. Pharmacy techs and clerks must possess exceptional communication when working with customers and pharmacists, relaying information back and forth.


The 2010 median annual income, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $21,430, or $10.40 an hour for pharmacy clerks. The 2019 median annual income for pharmacy techs was $33,950, or $16.3 per hour. Salaries will differ based on the cost of living in your area and what type of pharmacy you work in. For example, the average salary for technicians working with the federal government is $42,710, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Working as a pharmacy technician or clerk is a great position to lead to becoming a pharmacist. However, you’ll need some experience as a pharmacy tech before you become a pharmacist if you start as a clerk. Pharmacy technician employment is predicted to grow at a faster than average rate in the next few years and offers you the ability to work in many locations, not just your local drugstore. Clerks and techs can be employed in nursing homes, hospitals, merchandise stores, pharmacies, and more. If you’re interested in furthering your medical education while gaining experience, tech and clerk jobs can be a good option, as you can work full or part-time.

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