Looking for a Senior Healthcare Position? Use an Agency. Here’s Why.

Are you looking to move up and get employed in a senior-level healthcare position? While your first inclination might be to try to work with your employer directly, your best avenue for landing a director or management position is to use a healthcare employment agency. While there are many job boards for entry and mid-level positions, there are few job boards for senior-level positions. 

A majority of executive recruiters avoid publicizing the opportunities they are working to fill, and most of their searches are made confidentially. Some of the senior-level positions include Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Supply Chain, for example. Read on to learn about why using a job placement agency is the way to go for landing one of these director-level healthcare positions.

Healthcare executive in hiring interview.
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The number one reason to use an agency to secure a director-level position is confidentiality. This discretion can benefit the organization in many ways. If an employer is letting one of their senior-level staff go, they may not want to advertise it online where the senior staff might see it. The process of replacing a senior executive must be done in a way that minimizes potential downsides to the employer. According to recruiter Adam Dean in the Harvard Business Review“Discretion is necessary for several reasons. First, if the executive finds out, he or she may become disengaged, and might even poison the waters for whoever the replacement is. Also, research shows that when executives are told, they often try to influence the selection process in a way that could cement their personal legacy rather than going by what’s best for the company.”

There’s also a consideration in keeping your own job search confidential. Sometimes companies take months to find the perfect senior-level candidate and fill the position; during that time, you’ll still be employed at your regular job and may not want word to get around that you’re looking. So confidentiality for the candidate is also essential as you may not want speculation about an opportunity to be available information.

Understaffed or Overwhelmed HR Departments

Many small to medium size companies may not have a dedicated recruiting or hiring manager. Frequently their HR person can be so overwhelmed as business growth occurs, that it is far more time and cost-effective for them to use an outside agency. Hospitals of all sizes also use staffing agencies to fill gaps in leadership roles. However, smaller hospitals are slightly more likely to use these services for senior and mid-level leadership roles than larger hospitals that have a bigger HR team.

Recruiters are looking for both candidates who are either actively or passively job searching. Their goal is to identify candidates with the appropriate skills and experiences from both active or passive candidates and then approach those who are a fit for their needs. Because of this methodology, there isn’t an apparent need to advertise the opportunity and is where a job agency can come in handy, helping you secure a senior-level position.

Benefits of Using a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Using an agency can help you find jobs that aren’t advertised. Agencies, such as Desert Medical, have connections with businesses and organizations that are looking to fill roles discretely.

Another benefit of using an agency is to help minimize job search stress, as often job searching can become a full-time job itself. Using an agency can help you find a position quicker than searching on your own. Due to their pre-existing working relationships with hiring managers, they’re able to streamline the process.

Agencies are more often than not used for senior-level role placement, especially in small to mid-size growing companies. At Desert Medical Careers, we have excellent working relationships with hiring managers and can streamline the process. We have relationships with clients that don’t usually advertise their positions, which gives you better opportunities.

If you’re looking for a senior-level healthcare position, contact Desert Medical Careers at (602) 468-6300 or fill out the form below to get contacted by a DMC expert.

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