Certified Professional Coder Jobs, Salaries, and Job Outlook at a Glance

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We place for Certified Professional Coder jobs throughout the United States in remote coding jobs coding Hospital/Acute Care. We normally place our remote CPCs in positions that pay $28 – $35 an hour with benefits and many of the job CPC jobs allow for flexible work schedules.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median pay for a Medical Records and Health Information Technician is $17.84 an hour, it has been our experience that the average pay for a Certified Professional Coder is $28 an hour and can easily increase if the coder has speciality certifications or a long history as a medical coder.

Job Outlook

Between 2014 and 2024, there is an expected 15% increase in jobs for medical coders, with the average growth rate for all jobs being 7%. This translates to an expected increase of 29,000 medical coding jobs by 2024.

Certified Professional Coder Job Duties

According to the AAPC, the organization that awards the CPC, a CPC codes services performed by physicians and non-physicians. There are other professional coder certifications, such as COC, CIC, and CRC. The COC focuses on outpatient coding, the CIC on inpatient coding, and the CRC have specialized knowledge in evaluating the reimbursement impact of the codes assigned to various risk adjustment models.

CPCs can work remotely and onsite. They review and process medical claims so physicians’ practices and hospitals can get reimbursed from insurance companies. They frequently are tasked with educating physicians to help them properly document their patients’ visits in order to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes. If the documentation received is incomplete, a Certified Professional Coder will normally communicate with the physician and the physician’s staff for clarification in order to properly code the medical visit in question.

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Certified Professional Coder Remote Coding Jobs

More and more facilities are hiring remote CPC coders. This means that you, as the CPC working from home, will be responsible for providing your own internet connection and laptop. Some facilities will provide your computer, but most don’t. Being a remote medical coder can mean you have a set work schedule, just like when you work onsite, but it is becoming more common to allow coders to work flexible schedules. Some remote coding jobs require onsite meetings or meetings with your coding team via an online meeting environment. Most remote coding jobs are similar in benefit structure to onsite medical coding positions.

CPC Continuing Education

Like most professionally certified positions, continuing education credits are required. A CPC has to acquire a minimum of 36 CEUs every two years and maintain their AAPC membership to keep his or her certification current. Depending on the organization the CPC works for, they might have to do work on their CPC credits on their own personal time or their employer might allow a certain number of work hours per year for the coder to work on their continuing education units. CEUs can range greatly in cost, from free to hundreds of dollars.

Are You Looking for a CPC Job?

Desert Medical Careers has a high demand for remote CPC jobs throughout the United States. We place full-time and part-time Certified Professional Coder positions. With over 20 years’ experience working with healthcare employees, DMC is an expert at matching healthcare workers with their ideal work environment. Contact DMC today at (602) 468-6300.

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