A Guide for Job Searching During the Holidays

Happy holidays, one and all! We may be in the middle of the ho-ho-holidays, but we are still hard at work recruiting employees for our clients. Though many people pause their job search during the holidays, we think that continuing your job search is a brilliant idea for several reasons. This blog will explore those reasons and then offer five tips for more effective job searching during the holidays. 

Six Reasons Why The Holidays Are a Great Time to Search for a Job

Person wearing a face mask and Santa hat.Healthcare Doesn’t Take the Holidays Off

Healthcare is a 24/7/365 industry. The need for healthcare professionals becomes even more significant during the holidays. Cold and flu season peaks, leading to respiratory infections and other seasonal illnesses. This surge in illnesses can result in higher patient volumes at hospitals and clinics. In addition, the holiday season can be stressful for many people, contributing to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Healthcare facilities may experience an increase in patients seeking support for mental health concerns. Also, holiday travel can expose people to potential health risks who then need medical attention.

Reduced Competition

Many job seekers believe companies slow down or pause their hiring activities during the holiday season. As a result, they may choose to delay their job search until the new year. This reduced competition can increase your chances of standing out and getting an interview. At the very least, your resume will be at the top of a smaller pile. 

Increased Temporary Hiring

Many employers hire temporary employees during the holidays to cover vacations and meet increased need. They may then hire those temporary staff permanently in the new year. Even if you are not looking for a temporary job, it can be a foot in the door. A temporary position can also be beneficial if you are unsure about the kind of employer you want to work for or want to explore a new job. It can also help you develop transferable skills to make you more marketable as a job candidate. 

Get an Early Start on January Hiring

Many companies accelerate hiring in January as they allocate new budgets and renew their focus on organizational goals following the holiday season. Maintaining your job search during the holidays provides the advantage of reaching hiring managers before the influx of January candidates. This presents a prime opportunity to position yourself strategically for opportunities in the new year. 

Employers Need to Fill Jobs Before the Year Ends

Some hiring managers must meet quotas before the end of the quarter or year. Many companies have a “use it or lose it” policy where if a hiring manager doesn’t use their entire yearly budget for new hires, they lose the headcount or the budget in the new year. As a result, hiring managers who have yet to hit their quotas will feel pressured to hire as many people as they can by the end of the year. 

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Committing to your job search during the holidays shows employers that you are serious about your career and are interested in new opportunities. The proactive approach sends a positive message to potential employers looking for dedicated workers.

Simply put, there’s never a wrong time to apply for a job. Job hunting during the holidays can present unique challenges. Yet, it’s also a great time to position yourself strategically with hiring managers.

Five Tips for Holiday Job Searching

Taking a strategic approach can turn the holidays into a unique advantage for your job search.

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

The holidays are a great time to ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are up-to-date and highlight your achievements and skills. Make sure those achievements include measurable results. Tailor the objective or summary on your resume to reflect your current career goals and the specific job you’re looking for. Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities. Make sure you use keywords relevant to your industry and the particular job you’re targeting in your resume. 

For LinkedIn, connect with anyone you’ve met over the last year. Ask for referrals from new contacts and recommendations for your profile from colleagues and previous employers. Ensure your skills section is up-to-date. Add any new projects, publications, or courses you’ve completed over the year. Updating your resume and LinkedIn profile ensures you present the most accurate and compelling picture of your professional self to potential employers. You’ll be set up for success in the new year. 

Network During Holiday Events

Holiday parties and events can be a great way to reconnect with old colleagues or meet new people. The goal of attending these events is to spread the word about your job search. Craft a concise and engaging elevator pitch introducing yourself, your skills, and your career aspirations. Even if the people you talk to don’t know of a currently open position, you’ll be top of mind if they hear about a job opening later. Holiday events can also help you learn more about what’s happening in your industry. After the event, follow up via email with anyone you talked to about your job search. Thank them for the conversation, mention specific topics you discussed, and ask them to stay connected. Holiday events can help you expand your professional circle, gain valuable information, and increase your chances of hearing about new career opportunities.

Use Holiday Breaks for Professional Development or Volunteering

The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to find professional development and volunteering opportunities. These opportunities can help you build your personal network, enhance your resume, and learn new transferable skills. Enroll in online or on-demand courses related to your job. Dedicate time to improving your knowledge of a particular software. Or enhance your communication skills. Conduct mock interviews to practice your interviewing technique. Reach out to local nonprofit healthcare organizations to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Many community healthcare facilities need extra professional and skilled support during the holiday season. 

Send Thoughtful Season’s Greetings

The holidays are a great time to reach out to your professional network with personalized holiday messages. Send a friendly holiday email to former colleagues or classmates and mention that you’re looking for a new job. Ask if they know of any openings. You could also send a holiday message without a mention of your job search and follow up after the first of the year to start a conversation.

Make Plans for the New Year

Use the holidays to set goals and a plan for the upcoming year. Take some time to reflect on your career aspirations and what you want to achieve in the coming year. Consider your skills, interests, and values. Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Whether landing a new job or making a career change, articulate your objectives clearly. 

Use these goals to develop a comprehensive job search plan for the new year. For example, identify professionals in your target industry and make a plan to request informational interviews with them in January to learn more about their career path. Reconnect with your recruiter to strategize your next steps. Developing a comprehensive job search plan in December will position you for a more organized, strategic, and successful job search in the upcoming year.

Remember, while some companies may slow down during the holidays, others actively recruit or plan for hiring in the new year. Stay proactive. Remain persistent. Leverage the unique opportunities the holiday season can bring to your job search. 

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