10 Things We Are Thankful For This Year

It’s been an exciting and eventful year in the recruiting industry, where constant change and challenges were abundant. As we celebrate the thankful season, we thought it was important to pause and reflect on the aspects that made this year both exciting and deeply rewarding. In this blog, let’s take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the ten things we are truly thankful for this year. From the opportunity to connect talented individuals with their dream careers to the innovations that have revolutionized our field, this blog is a heartfelt tribute to the elements that continue to inspire, motivate, and drive us in healthcare employment.

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We’ve Avoided a Recession – So Far

It seems like we’ve been talking about a recession starting any day for the last ten years. In reality, it’s been about a year. We first mentioned it in this blog last October. We are thankful that it still hasn’t happened. In fact, the New York Fed recession probability indicator shows the possibility of a recession has decreased by about 10% since August. We are not out of the woods yet. Experts can’t agree on whether a recession is still going to happen. But for now, we are thankful that it has at least been delayed. 

“Strong but Fragmented” Job Market

Despite the constant news stories about a possible economic downturn, the national labor market has added millions of new jobs this year. Yet, specific industries (technology and retail) are threatening layoffs or hiring freezes, just in case. The experts agree that employment growth is “strong but fragmented” right now. That’s good news for job seekers and recruiting firms like DMC, and we are thankful for that. 

Snowbirds Continue to Fuel the Job Market

Thank goodness for snowbirds! Because of them, the number of open healthcare jobs will grow exponentially this winter in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Their presence will also increase the demand for support and administrative healthcare roles. We welcome them with open arms!

Healthcare Remote Work Continues

With the pandemic over, you may assume that remote healthcare workers would be returning to the office or hospital. As it turns out, some healthcare workers are still remote. According to the recent McKinsey & Co’s American Opportunity Survey, 45% of the healthcare support workers surveyed reported working from home. 31% work remotely full-time, and 14% part-time. Also, 43% of the healthcare practitioners and technical workers surveyed said they work remotely, 27% full-time and 16% part-time. This is good news for workers looking for more flexibility in their careers. They can balance work and life, avoiding burnout and improving their overall well-being. We are thankful to offer many remote temporary and permanent healthcare positions, including medical coders and billing. 

Same Day Placements Are Still Possible

We recently discussed the length of time it takes to find a job. The average right now is about 44 days, even in a competitive job market like healthcare. In professional and business services, the time to hear “you’re hired” could be up to 66 days, depending on the position. We are thankful we have a track record of placing employees quickly, sometimes even the same day we receive a job listing. On average, our placement process takes under two weeks from receiving a request for a healthcare employee.

Per Diem Placements Grow

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) predict that per diem openings will grow by 5% in 2024. Per diem jobs can be lucrative opportunities for both employers and employees. Employers can fill open shifts on a week-to-week basis as needed without committing to long-term contracts. At the same time, employees can explore various positions and settings before committing full-time. The flexible schedule will accommodate their holidays, childcare needs, school, and other commitments. We are thankful that per diem work is on the rise and has the potential to be mutually beneficial for both healthcare workers and employers. Read more about per diem roles here

Aging Doctors Means More Locum Tenens Positions

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that translates to “to hold a place” or “to substitute.” In healthcare staffing it refers to physicians, nurse practitioners, or other clinicians who work on a temporary or contract basis to fill in for providers on leave, vacation, or during periods of high demand. Staffing Industry Analysis forecasts the need for temporary healthcare professionals will increase for two reasons. One reason is the aging population in the United States, which will need more medical services. The second reason is the large number of doctors approaching retirement age. SIA reports that more than two of every five active physicians in the US will be 65 or older within the next ten years. That will cause a massive shortage of available doctors all over the country. We are so thankful that because of these two reasons, there is an increased need in temporary nurse practitioner and physician assistant positions. These workers will help meet the demand created by retiring doctors and more patients with chronic illness due to age. If you are one of these healthcare professionals, you will be in high demand in the coming year.

Diversity is Still Needed in Healthcare

A diverse workforce is the cornerstone of any organization. Diversity is pivotal in shaping an employer’s success and societal impact. The importance of diversity extends beyond ethical considerations. It can also contribute to growth and innovation. For healthcare, embracing diversity is not only a strategic imperative but also a reflection of an organization’s commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices. However, there is still a lack of diversity in healthcare. Only about 5% of physicians identify as Black or African-American. 91% of nurse practitioners are female, but only 25% identify as non-white. While these facts are not acceptable, the opportunity it presents for minority healthcare employees is something to be thankful for. We are embracing the challenge of DEI-based hiring in the healthcare sector. 

From CEO to Surgical Assistant, We’ve Placed Them All

We are thankful that our experience, reach, and partnerships have allowed us to place healthcare professionals at all levels and in many workplace settings. We have recruited staff and managers for various healthcare employers, including clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, drug companies, and healthcare software companies. We have also recruited for non-medical well-being facilities like weight loss centers and esthetic practices. 

17,000+ healthcare placements in the Phoenix Metro area

This holiday season, we are thankful to have placed thousands of healthcare professionals over the three decades. We are also grateful for our strong relationships with employers and partners that allow us to recruit and place the most qualified candidates at the finest medical employment opportunities. Our openings are second to none in the Phoenix Metro area. 

As we wrap up our reflection on the ten things we’re thankful for this year, the healthcare profession remains a source of inspiration and resilience. We can now offer more flexible job opportunities to job seekers because of the increased availability of temporary and per diem positions. This also helps us meet changing workforce demands. Despite economic challenges, our industry has stood firm, navigating the threat of recession without losing ground. Remote work is becoming more common, creating new opportunities and giving job seekers more flexibility. Perhaps most significantly, we are so proud of the lives we’ve enhanced by placing employees in meaningful careers. As we think about the future, we are grateful for the progress our industry and clients have made. We remain dedicated to connecting talent to opportunities. Here’s to the new year, filled with continued growth, success stories, and the pursuit of excellence.

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