Working as a Medical Front Office Temp: Benefits and How to Start

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As a Medical Front Office Temp employee, you have numerous benefits available to you in addition to the usual financial compensation. These 1- to 3-month medical positions can serve as the building blocks to an impressive resume that can lead to working at your dream practice or securing a full-time career.  

During your contract, you’ll be able to build connections with fellow employees and management, creating a networking experience that could lead to job recommendations or references for the future. Last, but not least, you’ll be able to test-drive different medical practices, departments, and teams to see which aligns most with the work environment you desire.

If you’re unsure of what you want to do in the health industry, looking to change departments, or build your resume, a medical front office temp position is the best place to start. Here at Desert Medical Careers, we’ve helped many medical front office staff get placements in the top practices within Arizona. To help you assess what type of temp front office role is right for you, we’ve created this brief guide to help you:

  • Decide on which position you prefer
  • Choose where you’d like to work
  • Start applying for temp positions

Deciding On The Best Role For You

There are numerous titles used to describe medical front office staff, however here are the most popular

  • Medical Front Office Associate
  • Medical Front Office Assistant
  • Medical Front Office Receptionist
  • Medical Front Office Coordinator
  • Medical Front Office Supervisor
  • Medical Front Office Manager

Although all medical front office titles involve similar tasks, your position may include more (or less) job duties, especially if there are more people on the front office team. For example, the associate might have more receptionist based roles compared to the front office manager or supervisor who has more of a leadership position. 

Your prior medical work experience also contributes to the roles that you can secure. Most assistant and associate positions are entry-level and serve as great first-jobs for those looking to get started working in the front office. For those that have a few years under their belt working in a front office, a supervisory role might be ideal. 

If you’re unsure which type of temporary medical office job you should pursue, set up an appointment with us today at 602-468-6300 or submit your resume through the form below.

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Where Can Medical Front Office Temps Work?

The diversity of medical offices available gives eager job seekers varied choices in the environment they choose to work from. The three most popular are private practices, hospitals, and clinics.

Private Practice

Private practices are usually small businesses. They generally have a smaller team that consists of one or two front office staff, medical assistants, and the lead doctor(s). Because of this, the typical job duties of a medical front office temp employee might expand because there are not many people on the team to rely on. Working at a private practice will involve you going above and beyond the primary responsibilities of the job. However, with more job responsibilities comes the ability to build upon skills and knowledge that you can use to boost up your resume.


Compared to private practices, the medical front office staff has more defined roles in a hospital, due to working in a larger facility that sees up to 10x the number of people as a private firm. There will be multiple front-office employees collaborating with teams all over the hospital to ensure efficiency. Because of this, you most likely won’t be the only front office staff on your team. However, that’s more of a benefit than a disadvantage.  Being on a larger team helps build your skills for fast-paced, collaborative efforts, and provides the possibility to advance to a different position or department.


Clinics are limited to particular specialties like pediatrics or primary care, which provides the ability to focus on one area of knowledge. This focus can help you build your skills and expertise. Like private practices, clinics are a lot more intimate, so you’ll have the ability to improve patient communication skills as well. Likewise, most clinics operate on a set schedule, unlike hospitals that are 24 hours, so you have the opportunity to work in an environment that closes in time for you to make dinner!

No matter which environment you prefer, one thing is sure: working as a medical front office temp is an excellent way to build the skills you need to land a permanent position.

While working at the facility you choose, you’ll be able to see if the environment is a good fit for your career needs. Temp jobs are not permanent positions, so if the job is not to your liking, you can switch departments or practices before committing to something long term. 

How to Apply for Medical Front Office Temp Positions?

This is our specialty here at Desert Medical Careers. Because we have years of connections with facilities that need front office temps, job seekers that come to us to find job placements end up getting placed quicker and in better positions compared to doing things by themselves.

We review resumes, ensuring they match what medical facilities are looking for, and provide interview tips based on our experience placing thousands of people in Physician Assistant positions. All of this is free for the person seeking a Physician Assistant job.

We also find out what you want from your employer, which allows us to match you with the perfect position for your needs. We are based in Arizona, but we work with healthcare employers throughout the nation. If you would like to be placed in a Physician Assistant job, contact Desert Medical Careers at (602) 468-6300.