The Benefits of Temp Work During The Summer

While the summertime is usually hyped up for vacations and tropical excursions, it’s also the perfect time to increase your work experience or try a new career.  

Temporary job assignments increase during the summer months and are perfect for those needing a fresh start in their medical career, or a flexible shift structure that matches their lifestyle. If this sounds like you, a temporary role might be the very thing you need.

Temp Work Spikes During The Summer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study in 2018, detailing the increase in temp positions in the United States and how the summer months saw some of the most significant influxes of jobs added. Often in the summer, many employees take their saved vacation time to go on extended trips, leaving important positions vacant in their absence. These positions need quality individuals so a company can maintain its operational efficiency.

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Frequently, we work with medical employers that need to fill these temporary positions. In this article, we’ve detailed some of the benefits our placements have told us they enjoyed during their temporary assignments:

You Can Test Out a Position

Summer temporary jobs can range in length of time from just the summer months to extending past fall. Having an assignment for a short timeframe gives you the chance to experience the work environment, the staff, and all the other factors you don’t have an opportunity to experience when going the permanent position route first.

Likewise, If you’re interested in entering a different department altogether, a temporary placement will allow you to test the waters to see if that department is a good fit for you. For example, if you wanted to work permanently as a medical administrative assistant, we would help place you in a temporary job to see if the company culture and employer align with your desired career goals.

Once the job’s is complete, you can move on to another position, or accept a permanent role (if offered). This can be a very efficient way to find the perfect assignment for you when compared to applying for a position, getting hired, and noticing that the company or department isn’t aligning with your career aspirations.

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Your Experience Increases

One of the top benefits of obtaining a summer medical temp job is the ability to broaden your experience in other departments or companies. You’re also able to use that experience to boost up your resume.

At Desert Medical Careers, we’ve worked with numerous people, for example, who started out as a medical assistant but wanted to move towards an office management role. We helped them find and obtain temp positions with a supervisory focus to increase their managerial experience and make their resume more appealing for their next job.

It’s not surprising that most companies want some work experience in a particular field before they hire someone for a permanent position. This is why temporary assignments are especially beneficial for entry-level workers who need to expand their work experience to make their skill set more desirable to employers. Fortunately, we usually have numerous temp opportunities for entry-level workers, since most companies welcome those just starting out in their career for short-term placements.

If you’re a recent graduate and need help jump-starting your career, please fill out the form below or call us at 602-468-6300.

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Your Network Will Grow

It’s no summer vacation, but taking advantage of your summer temp position can be the most rewarding thing you can do for your career.

Being at a job for a few months can be a very effective way to build your network of people within your field. You’ll likely be working on a team, or you may even share a lunch break with a fellow coworker. Either way, you can take the opportunity to build professional relationships with the people you encounter during your summer job.

Having a robust and supportive network is essential when you’re applying for jobs, seeking opportunities that aren’t advertised, and when you need a recommendation. Your network can also be an excellent source from which to learn about professional societies. Even though it’s a summer job and you may not see those coworkers again, don’t shy away from increasing your connections, especially if you’re placed in a company you genuinely enjoy.

Are You Looking For A Summer Position?

At Desert Medical Careers, we’ve placed hundreds of individuals in temporary and temp-to-hire medical positions. We know it can be challenging to find a job that’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Allow us to find a temp assignment that is the right placement for your unique needs.  And if you’re offered a permanent position, we usually can negotiate a better offer for you because the employer will already be familiar with your work.

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