Pros of Per Diem Nursing

Healthcare facilities and medical practices sometimes search for nurses who are available to work on a per diem basis. These supplemental employees ensure that medical facilities can continue operating efficiently in times when their teams require assistance. For example, in cases where departments have a decrease in staffing or a facility sees an unexpected rise in patient cases, Per Diem Nurses are brought on to keep things operating smoothly.

Although often confused with PRN nurses, Per Diem Nurses differ based on the flexibility of their contracts. As compared to PRN nurses, which are on a “per-task” basis with one medical facility (usually) in one department, Per Diem Nurses have the option to work within several departments or facilities and are more flexible with their schedule.

If you are looking for something that is more contact based, supplemental shifts might be the career option for you. Here are four reasons why Per Diem Nursing is a great option:

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Per Diem Nursing Benefit 1: Flexible Schedule

RN nurses who have a per diem contract are not hindered by the usual full- or part-time schedules set by the facilities that hire them. In fact, Per Diem Nurses can work based on a schedule that they desire, on days and during times that work better for them. For example, when working with a staffing agency, a nurse can detail their availability within a specific timeframe, and the agency can schedule the shifts to match the nurse’s availability.

Per Diem Nursing Benefit 2: Higher Pay Rates

Because they are hired on a high-needs base, Per Diem Nurses are generally paid superior rates when compared to RNs on contract with the same facility, like this nurse on a per diem contract who earned more than her peers in the nursing field. Of course, the amount of money earned will depend on the location, facility, contract rate, and hours that you’re willing to work. However, when you work with a staffing agency like Desert Medical Careers, we work with you to negotiate per diem contracts with facilities that pay competitive rates.

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Per Diem Nursing Benefit 3: Test the Waters

Per Diem Nurses are not obligated to stay at one facility or to take contracts for only one department. Due to the flexible nature of the contracts, supplemental nurses can secure multiple contracts in different departments or facilities. This flexibility allows them to test the environment in a specific hospital before going through the process of getting hired permanently or to try out a different department without committing to an official position. This option is perfect for someone who is unsure about the direction of their nursing career and is interested in making a full-time income while still being a contract worker.

Nonetheless, working with multiple companies could get hectic, especially if different hiring managers are used to secure these roles. However, if you’re working with an agency like Desert Medical Careers, we’ll work with your schedule and career goals to choose per diem contracts that won’t give you a stressful work schedule.

Per Diem Nursing Benefit 4: Increase Your Skill Set

If you only work in one setting, it is easy to get stuck in a routine using the same tools and skills. However, as a supplemental employee, you’ll often be working in different departments, with various individuals, and sometimes even in different states. By working with different facilities, you’ll be able to improve and adapt your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills to conform to your surroundings. When it comes to working in different departments, you’ll be able to acquire new skills and build your CV with new experiences.

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