Working as a Surgery Scheduler: Benefits and How to Start

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There are a lot of roles when surgery is involved: from Surgeon to Anesthesiologist and even Surgical Tech. However, one position that often goes overlooked is the Surgery Scheduler.

Surgery Schedulers play a vital role in the communication surrounding the surgery for the patients and doctors. It’s the Surgery Schedulers (or Coordinators) that make the administrative process of surgeries more efficient. If you’ve been considering a fast-paced medical position, being a Surgery Scheduler might be the role for you. Read more about the requirements and how you can get started in this career.

What do Surgery Schedulers Do?

Surgery Schedulers must be able to obtain authorization from insurance carriers prior to scheduling, then call the patient and provide pre & post-surgery instructions, including the scheduled date and time of the surgery. They might also set up follow-up appointments depending on the situation. 

Likewise, they coordinate surgeries for one (or multiple) doctors and inform them and patients of any schedule updates that may have occurred. Surgery schedulers also keep in communication with the patients and the surgical team to ensure everyone is aware of the plan for surgery day and the recovery process.  

Surgery Coordinators work closely with physicians, which requires professionalism and tact. Likewise, having to communicate often with surgical teams and patients requires interpersonal skills. Surgery Coordination is usually a very fast-paced position, and it requires extreme attention to detail because a mistake can be very detrimental to the patient and the practice.

Job Requirements

Generally, Surgery Schedulers will have two-three years of experience in a surgical specialty in either an administrative or clinical role, as well as a strong understanding of medical insurance. 

However, interested applicants can start looking for a surgery scheduler positions if they have:

  • A high school degree or GED, and
  • Experience in medical administrative positions (not required, but preferred).

There are no certification requirements needed. But, having certifications that display your expertise in the administrative field is a great way to be noticed when applying for positions.

The International Association of Administrative Professionals has a certification called the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). Methods of obtaining your certification differ depending on the level of education and work experience you have. To find out all of the requirements and details for this certification, check out the official CAP page. 

You can also check with your local community colleges or universities for any certifications or courses in administration. 

Colleges in Arizona offering Admin Certifications:

Mesa Community College – Certificate of Completion in Administrative Professional

Phoenix College – Administrative Professional


From our experience, Surgery Coordinators can expect to earn between $18-21/hour. Of course, the range depends on the expertise and experience that an applicant brings to the table. 

How to Apply for Surgery Coordinator Positions?

At Desert Medical Careers, we have years of connections with facilities in which we’ve placed hundreds of individuals looking for medical positions.

We review resumes, ensuring they match what medical facilities are looking for, and provide interview tips based on our experience placing thousands of people in Surgery Coordinator positions. All of this is free for the person seeking a Surgery Coordinator job.

We also find out what you want from your employer, which allows us to match you with the perfect position for your needs. We are based in Arizona, but we work with healthcare employers throughout the nation.

If you would like to be placed in a Surgery Scheduler position, contact Desert Medical Careers at (602) 468-6300 or fill out the form below to get contacted by a DMC expert.

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