Tips for Getting a Remote Medical Coding Job

medical codesPay for Remote Medical Coding Jobs

While some companies that hire remote medical coders pay by the chart, it is very common to find remote coding jobs that pay hourly. The normal range to expect for a remote medical coding position is between $28 – $35 an hour.

Medical coding salaries earned are directly connected to the years you have been in the industry, your coding certifications, and the type of coding being performed; for instance, inpatient medical coding usually pays higher than outpatient medical coding positions.

Experience Required

Most remote medical coding job opportunities will ask for at least one year of previous coding experience. This means that if you are new to medical coding, you will likely get your first job working in person rather than remote. If you don’t have much experience when it comes to coding, it may be worth doing some research online to learn more about 99213. Above all, it is never too late to get a better understanding of medical coding. Even if there are jobs out there that you may want to currently apply for, there are always going to be opportunities to discover the intricacies of natural language processing in healthcare, and chances to explore revolutionary healthcare software in further detail.

How to Get a Remote Medical Coding Job

Using a medical staffing agency to help you get your next remote medical coding position is a very smart approach because the staffing agency will only offer you positions from employers that are reputable and the agency will actively be working on your behalf because they usually get paid after placing an employee; this means they will probably find you more positions in a shorter timeframe than you would for yourself.

If you choose to get a remote medical coding job on your own, the best place to start is with your medical coding co-workers. They likely have connections or have heard about various employers through other coders.

Desert Medical Careers works with reputable companies to find you the best jobs possible.

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Work Schedule and Accountability

The hours you work as a remote medical coder can vary greatly. Some coding jobs will allow you to work whatever schedule you prefer as long as you get in a set number of hours per day or per week. Other medical coding jobs will require you to work a set schedule, similar to how most in-person jobs are structured. The schedule you work for an employer always needs to be discussed during the hiring process before accepting a job. Be aware that productivity accountability for remote coding positions is usually very strict. The employer will likely audit your productivity and accuracy quite heavily and expect you to meet their schedule requirements without exception.

Training for a Remote Medical Coding Position

Before accepting a position, clarify that you will get trained and how you will get trained to work within their system. Do not assume that you will be able to figure out how to work in their system on your own. You might be working unusual hours when you work as a remote coder which means that the people who can help you if you get stuck might not be working at the same time as you, so be sure to have as many on-demand resources available to you to help you work with the employer’s system. Examples of resources you will want to have on the ready are screenshots, a digital manual that walks through their system, and on-demand training videos and/or pre-recorded training webinars.

Equipment and Software Needed

Before accepting a remote medical coding job, you should find out what they expect you to have in your home office. Some employers will provide you with a computer and some will expect you to have your own. If you are required to have your own computer, you will need to find out the system requirements to run your employer’s software. You should also find out if you need to actually install their software on your computer or if it is a cloud-based system. If you do need to install their software on your system, find out if they will have an IT department assisting you with the install.

Continuing Education for Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Another question you’ll need answered before accepting a remote medical coding position is if the employer will reimburse you for continuing education credits (CEUs) and if they will pay you for the time you will need to do the CEUs.

Are You Looking for a Remote Medical Coding Job?

Desert Medical Careers has a high demand for remote medical coders. We are typically able to easily place medical coders in full-time and part-time remote positions. With over 20 years’ experience placing healthcare employees, DMC is an expert at matching healthcare workers with their ideal work environment. Contact DMC today at (602) 468-6300.

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