What Does a Physician Assistant Do?

what does a physician assistant do

Desert Medical Careers works closely with Arizona Physician Assistants to help them find the best jobs possible. Because we work so closely with Physician Assistants and facilities that hire them, we are aware of many details about this lucrative healthcare career that many aren’t. So we thought we would answer the question we commonly hear from those thinking about entering the healthcare industry: What does a Physician Assistant Do?

Where do Physician Assistants work?

They work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, physicians’ clinics, and nursing homes.

Who is in charge of Physician Assistants?

Physicians and surgeons are usually in charge of Physician Assistants. In most cases, the supervising authority isn’t in the same room as the PA, but are available within the facility if the Physician Assistant needs to consult with them.

What do Physician Assistants do with patients?

A very common role for a Physician Assistant is to act as a primary care provider within a doctor’s office, examining, diagnosing, and providing therapeutic and preventative health care services on an ongoing basis. They can order and review lab tests and make treatment recommendations based on lab results.

If they are working with a surgeon, they will take care of the patient before surgery (preoperative care) and after surgery (postoperative care). A Physician Assistant may even perform or assist in surgery depending on their supervising surgeon. These types of Physician Assistants are commonly referred to as Surgical PAs. When a Surgical Physician Assistant is involved in a procedure, it is common for the Surgical PA to be with the patient end-to-end, meaning the same PA will be with the patient before, during, and after the surgery.

In a hospital setting, a Physician Assistant will make the rounds, freeing up the time of the primary physician to focus on patients needing more complex attention.

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A Physician Assistant might also see patients in emergency room settings, commonly treating less severe cases.

Can Physician Assistants prescribe medication?

All 50 states allow PAs to prescribe medication.

What Rules Apply to Arizona Physician Assistants?

Each state has different laws and regulations. The full list of laws and regulations for a PA can be obtained at the American Association of Physician Assistants’ website at this link: https://www.aapa.org/Store/detail.aspx?id=REVSTATE_LAWS15.

Arizona Physician Assistants have a governing board, the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants. This board’s website allows the general public to search for a PA, file a complaint, and see the latest news revolving around Physicians Assistants in Arizona. The website has a wealth of resources, including current Arizona PA regulations and applications for license renewals.

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