Top Healthcare Jobs in Demand: Fall 2020, Part 2 of 3

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Last month we talked about three of the top in-demand jobs this Fall. Now, we’re bringing you three more: medical records information techs, medical assistants, and front office receptionists. Read on to learn about the benefits and skills needed for each of these positions.

Medical Records Information Techs

Medical records technicians are responsible for handling patients’ medical histories, including accurately transcribing, organizing, noting symptoms and diagnoses, and categorizing treatments and procedures for insurance billing by assigning standard medical codes. This is an ideal position for detail-oriented individuals who want to ensure top-quality care without a high-level of patient contact.

As a medical records technician, you’ll play an essential role in ensuring that physicians’ offices, clinics, and hospitals are organized and maintain detailed records of patients’ visits, symptoms, test results, and medical histories. Accuracy and timeliness are important factors in this position as you’ll be taking data from doctor’s notes and transcribing them onto a patient’s permanent record.

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Job Requirements and Skills

As a medical records technician, you must be highly detail-oriented, proficient with technology, and thoroughly familiar with general medical concepts and terminology. You should also be analytical, organized, and have high integrity when working with patient’s records and personal information.

Medical records technicians typically earn either a certificate in medical technology, which takes around three to six months or a 2-year associate degree in medical technology or health information management. Having strong computer system knowledge, knowledge of coding, medical classifications, standards, and insurance training will help elevate your chances of employment.


The average salary for a medical records technician in Phoenix, AZ, is $41,578. The typical range falls between $33,212 and $42,937. Your salary can range depending on many factors, including education, certification, additional skills, and experience.


Medical records technicians typically work regular hours and have little to no contact with patients. If you are employed at a hospital, you may have more options in shifts if you prefer to work non-standard hours. It’s a relatively easy position to get into, as you are not typically required to hold a certificate, but it will help your chances. Certification programs are also fairly quick to complete.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants help to perform administrative and clinical tasks in a variety of healthcare locations. They provide professional assistance to healthcare personally, and tasks may vary based on location. Some duties medical assistants perform include greeting patients and answering telephones, scheduling appointments, updating records, filling out insurance forms, drawing blood and preparing samples for laboratory testing, taking vital signs, preparing patients for procedures, and helping physicians with patient examinations.

Job Requirements and Skills

As a medical assistant, you’ll work directly with a physician and patients, making strong communication skills a valuable skill. Approachability, friendliness, empathy, and kindness are excellent soft skills that will serve you well in this position where you are interacting daily with a variety of patients.

Most states do not require certification, but it is a great way to get your name on a shortlist of candidates. Before taking the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) exam, you must complete a medical assistant training program through an accredited school. These programs typically take nine months to complete but can take up to two years.


Medical assistants in Phoenix, AZ, make an average salary of $35,776. The range typically falls between $32,983 and $38,630 and can vary depending on your level of education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years of experience, all of which can help raise your salary level.


As a medical assistant, you can work in various locations, including specialty clinics, general practices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or even chiropractor offices. If you love working with people, being a medical assistant is a great position, as you’ll be working very closely with patients. If you decide to get certified, you can be certified nationwide instead of by state, meaning it will be easier to move around for the perfect position.

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Front Office Receptionist

Front office receptionists work in various settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities. They work at the reception desk, greeting visitors, checking in patients, answering phones, and performing clerical work. A front office medical receptionist might also call patients to remind them about appointments, process patient information, file patient information, process payments, answer patient questions, direct calls to their appropriate departments, schedule follow-up procedures, and transcribe physicians’ notes.

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Job Requirements and Skills

As a medical front office receptionist, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED at a minimum but can pursue an associate degree, which will strengthen your resume. Most of your training will be on-the-job, but some employers may require formal online or in-person training such as classes on medical terminology, medical software, and medical ethics. Part of your on-the-job training will include information about the companies policies, institutional procedures, and patient confidentiality and health information.

Front office receptionists work closely with customers and staff members and need strong communication skills. Ideally, they should be friendly, warm, compassionate, and willing to help. Strong listening and communication skills come in handy as you’ll be spending a lot of time answering phones, communicating with staff and patients, and responding to emails.

You’ll need to be skilled in organizational and computer skills such as working with databases, word processors, and working with computer-based scheduling systems. It can be beneficial to have knowledge of medical terminology before applying; however, you can also learn this from on-the-job training or via certificate programs.

Many employers do not require certifications for medical receptionists; however, certificate programs can strengthen your resume. You’ll also learn valuable skills that will help you prepare you for the job. With a medical administrative assistant certification, you’ll learn about medical terminology, office procedures, first aid, health insurance billing, and more. Certificate programs typically take between two to four semesters to complete.


The average salary for a medical front office receptionist is $36,079 in Phoenix, AZ. Your salary can vary depending on your education level and certifications, with a typical range between $32,572 and $39,618.


As a medical front office receptionist, you’ll get to interact with all kinds of people, which can be a great fit if you’re a people person or looking to develop your social skills. You’ll also learn valuable customer relations skills, multi-tasking, and time-management as you go through your busy day. You’ll be able to learn about business practices and operations, including scheduling and administrative work; these skills will help add to your resume and prepare you for many employment fields should you choose to change your career.

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