The Desert Medical Careers site often has information about jobs in Phoenix in the medical coding field.  But for those who may not know precisely what that is, what is medical coding?

Medical coders review the documentation created by physicians before an insurance claim is processed.  They make sure that the insurance claims are coded properly to obtain the maximum reimbursement for physicians.  It is a necessary part of the billing cycle for doctors in private practices.

Most medical coders are certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders or AAPC.  Certified medical coding is a skill which is in high demand and a capable coder can often earn $20-25/Hr.

There are expected to be many new medical coding jobs created in the coming years.  Through 2020 overall employment in the field is expected to grow by 21%.

If you are a certified medical coder in Arizona, there are many quality opportunities.  Typically what we are looking for is someone with 3-5 years of experience working the entire physician revenue cycle from start to finish and AAPC Certification in Medical Coding.  They must have strong coding skills using various billing software and EMR systems.  Their knowledge of CPT and ICD-9 and ICD-10 must be current.  Other important skills include excellent written and verbal communication skills.  People with this job work directly with physicians on a daily basis as well as interacting with the billing/business office.

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