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With over 15 years of medical staffing experience, Desert Medical Careers has become a trusted name in the Phoenix metro area. We take pride in our reputation for personalizing the job placement process and making sure each candidate is an exceptional match for the healthcare organizations that we connect them with.

Information for Employers

Finding the right physician assistant to fill your organization’s opening can be a challenging task. Let DMC do the legwork for you. We’ll talk with you to learn about the qualifications that are most important to you and your organization. Once we understand the type of skills you’re looking for, we’ll advertise the physician assistant job, and we’ll sift through the resumes that come pouring in. Once we’ve screened through the potential candidates, we’ll put you in contact with the most exceptional individuals for your job opening. Our expertise in filling medical staffing positions has earned us the trust of numerous healthcare facilities – both large and small. To get the recruitment process started for your organization, simply contact us at

Information for Job Seekers

If you’re searching for a job as a physician assistant in the Phoenix metro area, DMC can help make the process a little easier for you. For our most current positions, please fill out the form below or call us at 602-468-6300. Once we receive your resume, we’ll talk with you to learn more about your skills and the type of facility in which you would like to work. If we see a good match with a current opening, we’ll put you in touch with that organization. If no jobs for physician assistants are currently open, we’ll hold onto your information for future positions that open up.

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