Your Guide to Medical Coding Jobs

Our comprehensive articles for medical coders will help guide you through what’s required to become a medical coder, the salary outlook, and more. Check out this robust guide to medical coding so you can get started in this growing field!

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Medical Coding Jobs Are In Demand Positions

Medical coding is an in-demand job that is on the rise! The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects it to grow by 22 percent from 2012 to 2022. Read more about why coding is an in-demand position and how to get started.

While coding jobs are always in demand positions, specialized positions are often in even higher demand. Learn about E/M coding and what’s required to become an E/M coder.

How to Get Hired as a Remote Medical Coder

Learn about remote medical billing and coding, the education requirements for these positions, some tips for securing one of these positions, interview questions, and more! Check out our article, which gives an overview of how to become a remote medical coder or biller.

Check out these quick tips about becoming a medical coder, including the standard pay range and experience required.

Interview Questions to Prepare for When Applying to Medical Coding Jobs

Check out our list of common medical coding interview questions. These will help you for either on-site or remote medical coding positions. Review these commonly asked questions here.

The Pros and Cons of Remote Medical Coder Positions

If you prefer to have a flexible schedule and work in your home environment, then a remote coder position could be an ideal fit. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of remote medical coding positions. Check it out here.

Salary Outlook for Medical Coders

If you’re curious about the salary range and job outlook for medical billing and coding, then check out our quick article here

In this article, we discuss the salary and job outlook for medical billing and coding in Arizona. As well as information on the job requirements and qualifications needed to pursue one of these careers. Read it here.

How to Get the Highest Paying Medical Coding and Billing Jobs

Medical billing and coding jobs are continuing to grow in demand and pay. Intentionally focusing your efforts can lead to higher income and career advances. Use this guide to get into the highest paying medical coding and billing jobs, so you get the most from your career:

As a medical coder, you can increase your pay in several ways, one of which is getting certified. Or you can follow a medical coding specialty. Here are the top three medical coder specialties and how a certification:

The Difference Between COC and CPC Coders

If you’re looking to specialize as a medical coder, then check out our article on the difference between COC and CPC coders to see which is a fit for you.

Getting Started as a Medical Coder

At Desert Medical Careers, we have years of connections with facilities where we’ve placed hundreds of individuals looking for medical positions. We help to review your resume and polish your interview skills to make sure you’re prepared.

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